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  • Jalapeno Nuggets

    Need a break from all the sweets? Try our Jalapeno nuggets to get that spiceduspiced flavor you're l…

  • Chocolate Chip Nuggets

    Chocolate, gourmet pretzel nuggets; need we say more? Your sweet tooth will be thanking us after bit…

  • Cinnamon Sugar nuggets

    Our most basic sweet nuggets: cinnamon sugar. So simple, yet you will keep wanting more!

  • Glazed Pumpkin nuggets

    This special nugget is definitely a fall favorite, but we do have it in our store several times thro…

  • cookie dough

    David's awesome cookie dough that you can bake right in your kitchen whenever you get a craving!? Ye…

  • pretzel buns

    These pretzel buns are a great add for picnics or parties! They can be eaten with butter on top, jam…

  • pretzel twists

    Our pretzel twists are a unique "twist" on our original large pretzels. They can be used for dipping…

  • Dinner rolls

    Dinner rolls come in 4 flavors of your choice. You can get plain, wheat, sesame seed, or onion. Pric…

  • Ranch nuggets

    This nugget is filled with a savory ranch flavor!

  • Dip bowls

    Our restaurant style dip bowls can be brought home for parties and events. You can put dip or soup i…

  • plain sticky buns

    Our gourmet, fresh, handmade old fashioned sticky buns. This can come in a pack of 4,  as a pul…

12 of 39 Items