Pretzel Product

Pennsylvania is known for its homemade pretzels and you can find some deliciously fresh pretzels and nuggets in our store! Not only do we have large pretzels of many flavors, but we also have bite sized nuggets, pretzel buns, dinner rolls, sticky buns, and more! Are you a sweet or savory kind of person? No matter what you choose, we have something just for you.

Subcategory of Pretzel Product

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  • 4 oz salt and butter pretzel

    Like our signature pretzel but want it a little smaller? Then our 4 oz pretzels are for you! This mi…

  • Chocolate Chip Nuggets

    Chocolate, gourmet pretzel nuggets; need we say more? Your sweet tooth will be thanking us after bit…

  • Cinnamon Sugar nuggets

    Our most basic sweet nuggets: cinnamon sugar. So simple, yet you will keep wanting more!

  • Dinner rolls

    Dinner rolls come in 4 flavors of your choice. You can get plain, wheat, sesame seed, or onion. Pric…

  • Dip bowls

    Our restaurant style dip bowls can be brought home for parties and events. You can put dip or soup i…

  • Garlic nuggets

    Our signature gourmet nuggets drizzled with a buttery garlic sauce and pretzel salt.

  • glazed almond pretzel

    This popular sweet pretzel is topped with a mixture of glaze and almonds to treat your taste buds to…

  • Glazed cinnamon sugar nuggets

    Our most popular sweet gourmet nugget: glazed cinnamon sugar will leave you wanting more! All our nu…

  • glazed cinnamon sugar pretzel

    Want a little extra on the top of our sweet cinnamon sugar pretzels? Then our glazed cinnamon sugar …

  • Glazed Raisin Nuggets

    Make sure you try this sweet gourmet glazed raisin nugget! All our pretzel products are hand-rolled …

  • glazed raisin pretzel

    Our Glazed Raisin pretzels are sure to be a hit with our sweets lovers!

12 of 24 Items
Other products include nugget bags, pretzel sticks, salad bowls, and pretzel bun sliders.